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Top Apple iPod Touch 4 Alternatives

Rohan Naravane, Sep 01, 2010 1849 hrs IST

Though the new iPod will have good improvements, we take a look at other options

Apple tries to be very secretive about its new product launches but people find their way around this firewall with leaksfrom every nook and corner of the globe. That, along with our regular analysis makes for some educated guesses about what to expect. With the launch of the iPhone 4, we listed a few alternatives and people paid way more attention to those than the iPhone 4 itself.

Thus, we to believe that people want to know more about what else they can buy as an alternative to an Apple product. Everybody has their own reason; some dislike Apple's closed system, some can't afford their premium pricing, while a few just hate Apple in general. But you've got to admit it, they do create some innovative products that make other manufacturers work very hard to come up with a product with similar usability. It is like Apple creates a base, a platform if you will, and everybody tries to outdo the Apple product. We talked about this earlier when we wrote about 5 things that the Galaxy Tab did better than the iPad.

The iPod Touch is possibly going to get great additions like a Retina display, dual cameras for Facetime and taking snaps etc. Whatever the improvements may be, one will mostly still not escape their inability to copy-paste music via a file manager. Or the need to convert/downscale videos before they can be played back on the device, or the lack of support for popular video formats like DivX and MKV. For people distressed with these and other unchangeable factors about iPods, look beyond Apple! There are many manufacturers that already have or will soon have media players that could suit your needs. Here are our top 5 alternatives to the impending iPod Touch 4


  1. Ever since the plague of problems with the first generation of iPods I've made it a rule-of-thumb not to purchase any newly released Apple product. It seems that every time Apple releases a brand new device or a newer generation of a device model, it is always found to have a problem that gets resolved later.

    Also, this post ends by stating "Here are our top 5 alternatives [...]" but it doesn't actually list any.

    Maybe it's my browser? Anyways, useful Blog!

  2. Eric,actually u are right...thanks for the comment...