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Google Chrome Turns 2 & Rolls Out Version 6.0 | Top Tech Reviews

Posted by John Sukowaty on September 2, 2010 // Leave Your Comment // Read 4,507 Times

Today is the birthday of one of the best web browsers you can run, in my opinion of course. Google Chrome turns 2 today and with that, Google rolled out a stable version 6.0. What could Google do to make web browsing even better, you ask? Well, this version of Google Chrome is promising to be faster and have a simplified user interface. How much easier can it get?
Javascript performance is a big deal these days and the version 6.0 of Chrome is said to be up to 3 times faster than when the first version was released way back in 2008. For starters, Google switched up a couple of things, including moving some buttons around, adjusting the color schemes, combining two menus and put a little shine on the URL box.
To put it plainly, Google has been working on simplifying the “chrome” of Chrome, said Brian Rakowski a Google product manager. With these subtle, yet important changes, Google is hoping to keep the browser fast and modern with use of applications that can be found in the Google Chrome Web Store.
The Google Chrome Web Store is NOT open just yet, but there was reports that it might be all set by October of this year. That is only a month away. Developers got a chance to check out the store and already have access to uploading apps, check out how packaging works and get their apps installed on Chrome.
Brian Rakowski also mentioned that Google has ramped up the updates for Chrome in order to get improvements and features to users more quickly!

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