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News - Heidi Montag "Crying" Over Sex Tape Scandal - Celebrity News - UsMagazine.com

Heidi Montag may not want to be a porn star.
After her estranged husband Spencer Pratt toldUsMagazine.com Friday that he's peddling an alleged sex tape with her as its star, she simply Tweeted, "Crying."
Montag, 23, then pleaded to her followers: "Please send me your prayers and love I need it!"
The Hills star added that her sad night was improving a bit, thanks to some entertaining Bravo stars.
"The new Real Housewives of New Jersey just made my night," she Tweeted, and then thanked various followers for their support.
"Thank you for all your prayers I feel it working... it's been a long day thank you all for your loving thoughts and words I love you."
Although Montag didn't release any other statements about the scandal, her pal Jennifer Bunney told Radaronline, "she would never put out a sex tape of herself. She's extremely religious and concentrated on getting her life to where she wants it to be."
"I've been making films since I was in the 7th grade," Pratt told Us Friday of the supposed flick. "I'm looking forward to people seeing my directorial debut!" Steve Hirsch of porn company Vivid Entertainment confirmed to TMZ that he and Pratt were in "early negotiations" to make a deal on the film.
After 15 months of marriage, Montag filed for divorce from Pratt, 26, last month; their divorce is expected to be finalized on Valentine's Day 2011.

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